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Rum is a distilled alcoholic beverage made from sugarcane by-products such as molasses, or, directly from sugarcane juice, by a process of fermentation and distillation. The distillate, a clear liquid, is then usually aged in oak barrels. Rum can be referred to by descriptors such as "ron viejo" ("old rum") and "ron añejo" ("aged rum").

Brands we carry:

Admiral Nelson's Spiced Rum

Admiral Nelson's Cherry Rum

Admiral Nelson's Pineapple Rum

Arrow Rum

Bacardi 151*

Bacardi 8 Yr Rum

Bacardi Banana Rum

Bacardi Black Rum

Bacardi Cherry

Bacardi Dragonberry

Bacardi Gold

Bacardi Limon

Bacardi Major Lazer

Bacardi O

Bacardi Oakheart Spiced Rum

Bacardi Pineapple Fusion Rum

Bacardi Razz

Bacardi Ruby Grapefruit Rum

Bacardi Silver

Bacardi Wolf Berry

Burnett's Gold Rum

Blue Chair Banana Rum Creme

Calypso Coconut Rum

Calypso Spiced Rum

Cane Rum

Captain Morgan Spiced 100 Proof

Captain Morgan Black

Captain Morgan Cannon Blast Rum

Captain Morgan Coconut Rum

Captain Morgan Loco Nut Rum

Captain Morgan Parrot Bay Rum

Captain Morgan Pineapple Rum

Captain Morgan Private Stock

Captain Morgan Pumpkin Spiced Rum*

Captain Morgan Spiced Rum

Captain Morgan Tattoo

Captain Morgan White Rum

Castillo Gold Rum

Castillo Silver Rum

Castillo Spiced Rum

Cruzan Strawberry Rum

Cruzan Vanilla Rum

Gold Star Rum

Goslings Black Seal

Havana Club Rum

                                       Heaven Hill Light Rum

Malibu Black Rum

Kraken Rum

Lady Bligh Spiced Rum

Malibu Black Rum

Malibu Coconut Rum

Malibu Red Rum

Malibu Swirl Rum

Myers's Original Dark Rum

Orchata Rum Chata Creme

Rum Chata Creme

Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum

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